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As the COVID-19 virus continues to impact our country, CLIHTF has shifted to a fully remote work environment. Our employees have settled into their new routines, virtual meetings are happening, and business continues to function at its highest level of efficiency. Even though CLIHTF has typically functioned in a traditional office environment, we were pleased with how quickly we were able to transition to remote work. This was due to the incredible efforts of our IT staff and all of our employees embracing the unexpected and urgent change. 

As we all navigate these uncertain times, we appreciate your continued business.

Tenant Resources: 

City of Chicago: Family & Support Services

The City of Chicago is committed to providing leadership and help throughout the evolving COVID-19 crisis. As the situation develops, the City will continue to offer resources and support to people across the city.


Eviction restrictions are in Executive Order 2020-72, as mentioned by Executive Orders 2020-74, 2021-01, 20201-05, 20201-06, and 20201-11.

Links to State and City Programs to assist with Rent


City of Chicago - Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP), for landlords and tenants:

City of Chicago - Emergency Relief for Affordable Multifamily Properties (ERAMP), for landlords only:

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