Published on December 5th, 2012 | by Amanda


Family Benefits through Employment Training Program

Antenette found herself in a difficult spot. This mother of twins lost her job and the unemployment check was not enough to cover the costs of rent. Seeking employment and financial counseling, she connected with the Center for Working Women (CWW). On Saturday, August 25th, Antenette celebrated graduation with other participants at CWW at was to acknowledge those who got promotion via work, housing and educational accomplishments.

The Chicago Low-Income Housing Trust Fund partnered with The Eleanor Foundation in 2009 to assist clients of grantee programs who were working on program goals. CWW is a program of Housing Opportunities for Women and is funded through an Eleanor Foundation grant. CWW assists the head of household overcome barriers to employment by leveraging financial management and child care resources. Participants develop job readiness skills and work to identify employment placement while the program supports employment retention and advancement.

Through CWW, Antenette was connected to Jack Wayne, a property owner and manager that has rehabbed several properties in the South Shore and Grand Boulevard communities. Antenette completed the application for the two bedroom apartment and quickly made it a place to call home for her sons. Evenings are a time for Antenette and her sons to prepare dinner together and work on homework. She continues to build a better life for her family and is appreciative of the opportunity to be a part of the community and school with her sons.

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